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From Many To The One: Finding The Right Wedding Vendors

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Finding the best wedding vendors in Kitchener Waterloo, Stratford, Cambridge, Guelph from the wedding photographer, DJ, planner, decor and more

We’re pretty lucky we get to work with some awesome people and be a part of some truly wonderful love stories. A consistent theme we’ve seen is that these brides have hired great people that really want to make their story come to life on their wedding day. This is more than just being experts at what they do, they also have a level of passion for what they do. That level of passion and caring isn’t something that’s teachable or transferable. These professionals understand the importance of your wedding day and they are exactly what you need and want for your wedding. Getting these vendors will often be the difference between a wedding and a wedding full of cherished memories. The right people with the right skills and a passion for what they do will help to make your wedding great.

We’re not experts at photography, but we can tell pretty quickly when someone is or isn’t. The first major thing we’ll notice is their attitude, more specifically how they act and conduct themselves. The second is their equipment, we’ve seen enough to know if it’s higher end or not. Now anyone could in theory purchase the equipment, but that doesn’t give them the skill to take and edit a great photo. As DJs we’re often focused on creating moments through music, but we definitely have an appreciation for the hard work and effort that goes into capturing these special moments weddings produce. Working alongside these skilled and caring professionals makes everything look easy. This allows couples and guests to focus on the celebration without interruption or disruption. This level of professionalism that typically goes unnoticed is completely intentional because the spotlight should be on the couple and their celebration.

Grey Silo Waterloo Wedding Reception DJ Loops N Jamzz Photo Credit Stephanie Canada

These photos are a great example of the photographer capturing the moment at recent wedding at Grey Silo Golf Club in Waterloo. The photographer, Stephanie Canada Photography deserves the credit for not just capturing these moments, but from our perspective being professional, courteous and collaborating with us in the best interests of the couple. All these details ideally are happening seamlessly in the background, however, they will get noticed when that isn’t the case. Personally we’ve been a part of hundreds of weddings and events around Kitchener, Waterloo, Stratford, and surrounding areas. Often the biggest difference maker being the people providing the services. The various services are really dependent on the expertise, experience, education, and the individual passion of those providing the service.

The people you’ve hired are going to help determine the success of your wedding. We’ll often hear that couples really want to celebrate with friends and family at their wedding. That’s why we meet directly with couples because we want to personalize details around your wedding. If you’re not meeting with or don’t know the person that’s working at your wedding then those details can easily be missed. That’s also why we’ve never subcontracted work which means to take a booking then hire another DJ to work the wedding. We believe that like a marriage, our relationships with clients are built upon trust so there’s just no way in principal we could operate that way. Our skills, training, education, experience, and equipment is not something that’s easily replicated by just any DJ. This is going to be true for the majority of experienced and passionate vendors. The best wedding vendors have special skillsets, expertise, and a real passion for what they do. Get to know your wedding vendors and when you find that special one, insist they’re the one you’re hiring by making sure their name is in the contract. Don’t just accept anyone for your wedding, hire people you love and trust for the best results.

But just in case you’re wondering here’s what the couple thought of us…"You were absolute perfection, thank you again for everything."

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