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April 26, 2017

Does a Wedding DJ Really Need To Know How Many Guests Are Coming? - How Important Is Good Sound For A Reception

This is a question we have been seeing asked online, as well as, being asked in person. The difference is that in person we can give a far more detailed explanation than in an open forum. It’s not always clear to brides why this would matter and certainly in some cases, it would not.  If you have a smaller wedding reception and smaller space, then a professional quality sound system consisting of at least two 12 inch or 15 inch speakers is going to do the job well. The reality is different situations are better suited for different tools; specifically sound coverage. Speakers are designed for certain uses, however, there can be a variety of factors that affect sound. The size of the room and amount of people are two important considerations. For optimum sound at your wedding reception, you should understand some basic principles of sound:

  1. Sound waves travel out in many directions

  2. Bodies will absorb some of the sound waves

  3. Some surfaces will reflect sound waves

  4. Bass frequencies require more power; therefore larger speakers and/or subwoofers will help.                                                  


The size of a room and why it’s important to know. Firstly, the size of the room and the height of the ceiling will impact what you hear. Speakers running at or near peak ratings will typically sound distorted or begin clipping (cutting in and out). Trying to utilize a speaker for a situation it’s not capable of is not only a poor choice but it’s also not very professional.  Standard speakers can be enhanced through the introduction of a subwoofer to handle the low (bass), sounds which allows the speakers to handle middle and high frequencies. This will greatly improve the overall clarity, but you could still require extra speakers for coverage. The sound from any speaker will still only cover a designated area. However, if the room exceeds this, adding additional speakers will be the solution. Otherwise, you could be extremely loud in one area of the room, while others will think the music or speeches are too quiet in other parts of the room.

A good indication of how many guests are coming is the size of the hall. Try to keep in mind that with your DJ’s sound system, things can easily be turned down, providing they’re familiar with all the equipment. The opposing side this that the volume cannot exceed what the system was designed to support. Having a proper design or layout that addresses both the size of the venue and number of people eliminates some people from getting blasted by sound. Controlling the volume of each speaker will prevent this from happening and create a clear enjoyable environment for guests. A wedding reception should be something that is not only elegant in appearance, but also in sound. To accomplish this, a professional should want to understand and gain knowledge of all of the details, since it is not a ‘one-size-fits all’ situation.

We have often been hired for weddings in the Kitchener-Waterloo area; simply due to the fact that the DJ hired that had been hired for the Stag N Does, blasted people with their sound, without regard. A Stratford, Ontario couple that had hired us for their wedding reception last year, commented on the differences in sound and experience, between dealing with their previous DJ and our team. We take pride in not only knowing the particular types of music a bride and groom might prefer, but also the delivery of the sound. If we’ve never played a venue or it is new, we will go and visit the location for a tour. This attention to detail is where you can begin to see the differences between DJ services. One of the best complements that we have received came from a sound engineer working at a famous festival theatre. He commented that our sound was far superior than any DJ they have had at that venue in his 5 years of working there.

If a DJ throws out pricing for your wedding reception without knowing the details, you may prefer to get another opinion. The venue and crowd are major factors to consider if you care about the sound. The details of what and why something is needed to deliver the best possible sound is something your DJ should explain. Having better professional grade speakers and equipment matters, as does knowing how to utilize them efficiently. Every DJ service should have some level of expertise and experience in the area of sound. It is encouraged to ask them questions about their set up. Taking time to understand your situation and provide accurate and honest information about sound, is strong indicator of professionalism and what level of service you might receive. Quality and presentation, including sound, are very important to us as DJs; furthermore, they are paramount if we want to create an environment that is conducive for dancing. Brides and planners often focus on making the reception beautiful with décor, but we want it to sound good too. Eliminating surprises often means taking more time covering details during the initial quote with a bride. Hopefully, your DJ will spend extra time to truly provide you with the best sound options for your special day, rather than delivering a generic quote.

March 28, 2017

Learn From The Best In The Mobile DJ Industry - Attending MBLV 21


If you’ve ever wondered about training for mobile, corporate or wedding DJs, official training does exist. The Mobile Beat conference in Las Vegas is by far the biggest and best place to go for this and see the latest technology in North America. This is where you’ll find the top talent in the DJ industry and it is worth the cost if you truly value your customers and your DJ business. For our team that services Southwestern Ontario, which primarily consists of the Stratford and Kitchener-Waterloo area it represented an amazing opportunity to more first-class training.

Our entire team received invaluable hands-on training and attended a number of professional seminars and presentations that were all geared towards corporate and wedding DJs. All three members of the team attended simply because we trust that this type of investment will lead to even better experiences for our clients. As a result of this, we’re looking forward to sharing some newly gained insight and expertise with our 2017 brides and corporate clients.

For these reasons, we firmly believe that accredited training for DJs is just as important as equipment if not more so. We strive to provide the highest level of service whilst creating a unique and memorable experience for our client. Having properly trained and experienced DJs is a big part of that equation. A willingness to learn and grow, combined with a passion to give clients only the best is what defines Loops N Jamzz DJs.

April 5, 2016



Evening Entertainment Will Impact Your Wedding - 11 Tips For Hiring A DJ


There is a lot that goes into a wedding and it can be overwhelming with a number of choices and decisions that have to be made. Entertainment at your wedding isn't just a small detail that you want to overlook. A good portion of your special day; will be the evening spent with your choice of entertainment. If your reception is 8 hours; a fair estimate of entertainment would be 4 hours or …50% of that time will involve your guests dancing or not. Perhaps these tips will help with the entertainment aspect by providing some personal insight on hiring a DJ.

1.  The first point we would stress is making sure you're comfortable with the people you're dealing with, not everyone will be a good fit. If you feel pressured, then you might want to look into other options.

2.   A second point would be… deal with a professional service. A DJ should belong to a professional association. For DJs in Canada, they should belong to either CPDJA or CDJA. This also means that they carry the proper music Licensing, that legally, a DJ needs to have, to play for any crowd.

3.   Third, this is a big one; don't be afraid to ask questions. If you hear a response like, “we've done this a million times,” then you're not being heard, and most likely, you are not going to get a unique experience that represents your ideals.








4.   There’s a good chance your venue will require that the DJ you choose is insured. This is becoming more common with upscale wedding venues and a professional service should already have this coverage. Without this your DJ will not be allowed to play the venue.

5.   You want to know the experience of the DJ. This differs from the point that some companies push on you, such as, 20 years of experience. If you’re getting a DJ that just started with the company, they don’t have that experience. It does tell you that the company has a solid business model, which is positive. But, you should be clear that you want to know about the DJ doing your wedding, specifically, and you can ask to meet with them.


6.   Back-ups! What are they and how would you handle the scenario of the DJ being ill? It is common for almost every DJ service to state that they have back up equipment and that is definitely a good thing. What is not stated is how they would handle an employee calling in sick. This unfortunately is more probable, than modern high quality equipment breaking down. Think of this as your insurance for peace of mind, therefore, you need and want to have this coverage.


7.   Ask about equipment that they use and if they own it. Owning verses renting gives you a clear indication of just how serious they are about their business. Another point would be, without owning the equipment, the DJ may be unfamiliar with it which may or may not become a problem. It is very likely you’ll need or want to use a microphone do they have one? is it wireless?


8.   Mixing, blending or beat matching is something you should definitely inquire about. This is the difference between an iPod and a DJ. Everyone who calls themselves a Professional DJ, should be able to do this with practice. If a DJ only touches a controller, mixer, turntable, etc. at weddings or events, this will be a challenge

for them.


9.    Other expenses. These might range from upgraded lighting, sound systems; to set-up, tear-down, and travel charges. These can vary, but you should be aware of these details, and budget for them or look to more inclusive packages that most DJ companies feature. Paying for numerous extra fees can add up quickly.


10.  A written contract. This really defines what you’re getting and greatly protects you, the client, as it is the duty of both parties to meet the obligations as defined by this agreement. Not having a contract is a red flag and screams that your DJ is not a professional. This has nothing to do with how talented they are as a DJ, but

 this is opening the door for miscommunication and a bad experience.


11. Requests. Does or will the DJ take requests from your guests or do they have a system in place to handle requests? Do you want to have requests? This should be determined prior to the day of your wedding. Also, consider having a ‘do not playlist’ and make the DJ aware of this requirement.


A DJ should play the right music at the right time for your night and enhance the experience at your reception. Your DJ should complement your tastes and your wedding day. A DJ will help coordinate many of the activities taking place during your reception, bouquet toss, cake cutting, and some of the other announcements throughout the night. This is not the same as the MC, although they can typically offer this service too, which generally involves an additional fee. For your night to run seamlessly, the DJ really should discuss with you, a wedding agenda which outlines these details and more. Please note that this list is not inclusive of every aspect, but does hopefully provide some guidance. It’s important to spend some time meeting face-to-face with DJs, as many questions are more effectively answered in person. This will also give you a better feel for the DJ… more than a website could. Remember, you’re hiring a person or a team to DJ… not a website, so hopefully, your personalities will work well together. Good luck finding the right fit for your wedding and congratulations!


If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email us:






February 4, 2016



Looking For A Venue That Can Service A Large Crowd?



We have recently had the opportunity to play a local Kitchener-Waterloo venue that could seat up to three hundred guests. For years, ‘Fed Hall’ has been well known by local University students. However, in more recent times, it has been converted into a full service event facility. These events can range from conferences, private parties, weddings, and more. The University of Waterloo’s Food Services group now runs this facility, so not only is it one of the best kept secrets around, just wait until you try their amazing food!


Since the venue is located on the University property and managed by the Food Services group, it was reasonable to expect that a sizeable crowd could be handled with ease. Even then, the efficiency with which this was addressed was beyond what anyone would expect. Not only was the service superb, the quality and variety of food in so many words could only be described as fantastic! Dealing with large groups often means people are served in a disorderly fashion or even worse, sometimes they are just not prepared for the guests at hand, but that was not the case here.


Organization is certainly a major factor in running any event and having the right tools is another critical element. The spaciousness of this venue along with the flexible options for seating, tables, and bars, ensures that you can configure everything to suit your needs. There is more than enough room to install a dance floor for wedding guests without having to displace them once it’s time to dance. The overall cleanliness and fresh look from recent renovations further contributes to the appeal of this location. This is not the standard rectangular room, the layout of the hall creates a unique flow and feel. This is further enhanced by features such as the upper mezzanine. This site really does have a modern style coupled with a classic elegance about it.


Sometimes a secret is too good not be shared and that is the case with Fed Hall. It’s nice to see people that genuinely want to deliver high standards and provide not only a great site, but also great service. If you’re looking for a unique experience that won’t disappoint, than give this location some serious consideration. From start to finish, we have nothing but good things to say. If you’re looking for great quality, value, and something just a little different than the average venue, then Fed Hall might be a good option for you. Definitely have a look around and see all the great locations Kitchener-Waterloo has to offer and be sure to add this hidden gem to your list.  


Click the            button to view past events.


Contact for hall bookings and inquiries.


Remember, if you are looking for a DJ Service for an upcoming event, please look no further than Loops N Jamzz DJ Productions. Contact us at



All the best in planning your Wedding, Party, or Event in 2016.




Loops N Jamzz DJ Productions







November 18, 2015



No Surprises!



The reality is that some DJ businesses have higher operational costs that are typically passed along to the consumer. Some of these costs are completely understandable, while others…? Well, not so much. But does a high price equate to ‘better’ or ‘professional’? Unfortunately, no. Price is not an absolute indicator of service. A professional service is free to determine their rate. Now, that doesn’t mean that price should ever be the sole consideration when determining your DJ; that would be a mistake.


Being comfortable with your DJ is critical. Having open lines of communication will help ensure your expectations are met. Your DJ should make time to meet with you to discuss your event in detail. This is not out of the norm and should always be offered by professional DJs without cost.


There is a lot of time, effort, and emotion that goes into planning a wedding and of course the process can be stressful at times. Certainly, the cost of your entertainment does not need to result in added stress. If you visualize your wedding at a certain venue, outfitted in that perfect dress, with those beautiful flowers entailed; then those special essentials should not be neglected in an effort to book a highly priced DJ service. Do DJs add to the atmosphere and enhance your wedding? Well, the good ones do.


At Loops N Jamzz, we believe in honesty with our customers. We view our relationship with customers as a collaboration. Fundamental cornerstones of the relationship are mutual understanding and trust. For our part, this means delivering a service for a reasonable and fair fee. Additionally, being upfront with our pricing and not having numerous up-charges such as, travel, set-up and tear-down fees.


Transparency is sometimes lacking today, but it is something we absolutely value at Loops N Jamzz. Our pricing is published, not hidden. Furthermore, the package price can be personalized. We can absolutely alter our price and tailor it specific to your requests. Having said that, we want to start you with a point of reference.


Remember… the only thing a high price guarantees is… a high price. It is more important that you trust your DJ and know that they care about your wedding day too.







October 4, 2015


Why Hire A Wedding DJ?


We all know of those tunes...."Hey Mr DJ, put a record on!"....."DJ, turn it up!"....."DJ's got us falling in love tonight".  So we can conclude, the DJ plays a huge role in providing the life of the party; the essence of the entertainment; the 'B' in the 'BPM'!

Can you imagine...."Hey iPod, lets hit shuffle and hope for the best!"


You’ve picked that perfect dress; you’re planning a wonderful service; you’ve booked a great venue and have decided on that great meal. Now it’s time to pick the music that will reflect who you are as a couple and guarantee to get your guests out on the dance floor. This is going to be an experience to remember for the rest of your life. You don’t want to leave this in the hands of an amateur or an iPod. A professional DJ can give you and your guests that special soundtrack that will last into the night.

Experienced professional wedding DJs have the ability to set a good tone for a wedding. Most of them have also invested in good sound systems and lighting for their events. And if Uncle Bob does not feel comfortable on the microphone, you can ensure that your professional DJs will have your back!

They also guarantee a good choice of music that matches the needs of your guests. Should anything go wrong, they can draw from their experience to rectify it within a short period of time.

Professional DJs are well behaved and can be trusted to follow their contracts to the letter. You need not worry on the dressing or language used by your wedding DJ. They will be sure to use good manners, maintain proper appearance, and attain the decorum that you would expect for your big day. They also partner with you in planning, adhering to your preferences in music to ensure your guests are entertained appropriately. Indeed, you will achieve value for your money. Folks remember, paying a cheap amateur DJ (who may or may not mess up) to perform at your wedding , its like gambling on your wedding. It is important that you invest in a professional wedding DJ who has been tested and proven to consider the importance of the biggest day and biggest party of your life!




What you can expect from a professional DJ:


  1. Professional equipment (i.e. the sound system)

  2. They belong to a DJ Association and adheres to that association’s standards

  3. They will spend hours preparing for your wedding; and meet with you regularly to ensure a successful event

  4. A wide range of music genres for you and your guests; they have it all

  5. Thousands of songs available to make for an unforgettably fun evening

  6. They will have the required licensing to play music at venues

  7. Experience handling the various and impromptu goings’ on of the night

  8. They know how to read a crowd and keep them dancing

  9. Hiring a professional can reduce stress around your evening

  10. They will listen to you and work to make your night a memorable one!





Contact us today! Your professional DJs.
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