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  • Ken & Michelle Prentice, Jac Kamenar

Learn From The Best In The Mobile DJ Industry - Attending MBLV 21

If you’ve ever wondered about training for mobile, corporate or wedding DJs, official training does exist. The Mobile Beat conference in Las Vegas is by far the biggest and best place to go for this and see the latest technology in North America. This is where you’ll find the top talent in the DJ industry and it is worth the cost if you truly value your customers and your DJ business. For our team that services Southwestern Ontario, which primarily consists of the Stratford and Kitchener-Waterloo area it represented an amazing opportunity to more first-class training.

Our entire team received invaluable hands-on training and attended a number of professional seminars and presentations that were all geared towards corporate and wedding DJs. All three members of the team attended simply because we trust that this type of investment will lead to even better experiences for our clients. As a result of this, we’re looking forward to sharing some newly gained insight and expertise with our 2017 brides and corporate clients.

For these reasons, we firmly believe that accredited training for DJs is just as important as equipment if not more so. We strive to provide the highest level of service whilst creating a unique and memorable experience for our client. Having properly trained and experienced DJs is a big part of that equation. A willingness to learn and grow, combined with a passion to give clients only the best is what defines Loops N Jamzz DJs.

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