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  • Ken Prentice, C.Tech

Do You Know Who’s DJing Your Wedding?

If you’ve found a trusted DJ company with years of experience you should feel confident that you’re on your way to booking a DJ for your wedding. They’ve told you about the hundreds of weddings and events they do every year and how they have top-of-the-line equipment, not to mention they have the perfect DJ for you. You absolutely love that they’ve included all the perks in your package including a worry free early set-up. All you have to do is fill out this form and you will be matched with a DJ that fits with your personal preferences…wait this is how it all works? This wasn’t on the website or in the brochure at the wedding show. It did say they have 20 years of trusted experience specializing in weddings, but what if the DJ was newly hired? Does that still qualify as 20 years of experience or does that matter? Say you saw a DJ at a wedding and liked them, would you comment that the DJ Company was good or the DJ was good? It’s probably a bit of both, but you’re more likely to know the name of the DJ Company than the DJ. There’s definitely a certain level of creditability with any company that’s been in business for a number of years. However, sometimes one giant reality is being overlooked; the quality and expertise of the person actually providing the service.

Every DJ company big or small has two very distinct sides which are the business aspect and the services. These two different functions mean you’re often dealing with different people especially if the person booking you is not the DJ. If you didn’t meet with the DJ then either one of their DJ’s will be providing the service or someone they’ve contracted will. So your DJ is someone who may or may not have the same level of experience as the company. Now some companies will have established requirements, such as, years of experience required before you can work for them. These are the premium DJ services which typically list their DJs with a bio and they have an accompanying price relative to that level of experience. Otherwise, you’ll find little to no information on the DJ, no name in the contract and the choice is at the discretion of the DJ Company.

The promise of a professional DJ in neat attire with a professional sound system are fairly standard terms. Again these are all great things that every bride should have for their wedding. What’s missing is who the DJ is and can you meet them? Unfortunately most DJ’s are hired to be at your wedding not to do meetings with the bride and groom. Meetings are a function of the business and do not pertain to the people performing the service with large companies in many cases. Under these circumstances your DJ might remain a mystery until the day of your wedding unless the company has assigned a name in the contract. In terms of being a qualified professional DJ anyone can claim to be one there’s no legal designation for a DJ. If you’re looking for a summer job now’s the time to apply as many large DJ services are now hiring for the busy wedding season. The attrition rate is high with DJ’s so there’s always an influx of new ones each and every year.

No we’re not hiring, in fact the team at Loops N Jamzz DJs are the actual owners. Although we have had a few DJs approach us about joining the team it conflicts with our standards and principles. We believe the bride and groom should have the opportunity to meet with the DJs. So hiring someone else to perform the work was never an option for us. We think having a direct relationship adds value and makes for a better experience. This includes having an exclusive team of made up of experienced, award winning, DJs. To do this we made a choice years ago to focus on quality vs. quantity with our DJ service. There’s nothing wrong with deciding to run the largest DJ company it’s just a difference in philosophy. Since there’s no undo button or reset at a wedding we believe it’s important to work with the best resources. The most important resource we have is a team of DJs with real wedding

experience. So we don’t just focus on the years our company has been in business. We also focus on experience and quality of the DJs. These factors combined are crucial when choosing a DJ. In very simple terms there’s just no substitute when it comes to experience.

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