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  • Ken Prentice, C.Tech

Is Your DJ Here?

There’s one place that we know where many of the elite DJs in the wedding industry can be found every March. Las Vegas in March has become a yearly ritual for us for one reason. This is the place where you’ll find some of the best training, see the latest technology, and learn from others. There’s nothing even remotely on this scale for DJs in Kitchener, Waterloo, Stratford and surrounding areas. Sure this means around this time of year we’re turning away bookings, but it’s worth it. The importance of the wedding reception is something that many DJ companies stress to brides. They often send a strong message of hiring a professional DJ through emails, blogs, and on their website. But, only a handful of DJ companies actually invest in training the DJs. There’s well over a hundred working DJs in our area, however, we’ll only see 5 or less in Las Vegas.

In reality, the Canadian presence is low and the price likely the biggest factor. Good quality training isn’t cheap, but neither is a truly premium DJ service in Canada. There’s an estimated 15,000 working DJs in Canada currently, however, less than 100 attend the largest and widely considered to be the best mobile DJ conference and training in the world today. To put that into perspective, it means less than 1% of all working DJs in Canada will come. Still, how many DJ companies claim they have the best trained DJs? The numbers don’t exactly add up when you look closely. However, for the ones that attend training, there’s a tremendous benefit for their brides at the reception.

We consider ourselves to be a premium DJ service. Mixing, beat juggling and mashing up songs is something we’ve done for many years. Las Vegas can be a humbling experience when you’re around 1500 plus DJs since there’s always something you can learn. If you really think you’re a great DJ you’ll quickly realize there’s some extremely talented DJs working in this industry. I’ve personally spoken with a DJ who has performed at festivals for 50,000 plus fans. I’ve trained with DJs that regularly work at the biggest night clubs in Las Vegas. The reason we continue to invest in training is because we want our events to be better, we want brides and their guests to have that memorable experience at their wedding.

There are some highly trained DJs working within the wedding industry today in Canada. They are the exception, but it’s great to know some DJs make an effort to get high quality training. Although no standard for professional DJs exists in Canada, professional training is a great asset for a DJ. Brides should be asking DJs about their training. This will tell just how invested they truly are in providing the best experience at your wedding. If the DJ service has multiple DJs ask how many have had paid professional training (not in house training), and how much experience they have. If you want to narrow down your selection fairly quickly these two questions alone answered truthfully will help. Last, ask your DJ were they in Las Vegas for the conference and training in March? If they were, they should have a pass like the one below and you’ve probably found a DJ that’s invested in the success of your wedding reception.

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