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  • Ken Prentice, C.Tech

The No. 1 Question Brides Ask Vs. What You Should Be Asking First

The missing piece of the puzzle...

What is the price? This is undoubtedly the primary concern for a lot brides and with tight budgets so why wouldn’t it be? But, there’s a fairly big problem when you put the price first: it ignores quality and reliability. Commonly brides will tell us the DJ was the best price and seemed nice, but then they canceled. One of the quickest ways to achieve a lower price is to simply neglect or forgo the key ingredients of quality and reliability. In Kitchener, Waterloo, Stratford and surrounding areas we've seen exactly what can happen when price alone supersedes everything else. This year it's been anything from sudden closures, cancellations, DJs showing up late or not at all. There’s been over 50 incidents of this nature in the area since June which has resulted in a lot of chaos because some professional lack in the areas of quality and reliability.

Over four years Loops N Jamzz was designed to address the flaws we saw in terms of consistent quality and reliability. It’s no secret we’re different from the majority of DJ companies by having two DJs on-site and a third reserved as back-up. This is absolutely the highest standard in the industry, but it’s important to us that we never miss a date. At the time DJ companies were talking about back-up equipment which we have as well, however, the most critical component, the DJ, was never addressed. We were told by more than a few DJ companies that what we were doing wasn’t important to brides, but we thought otherwise. In our mind there’s no good reason to leave something to chance on your wedding day.

Today more companies are talking about back-ups in terms of staff including many that didn’t before. If they do or don't every bride should find out what practices a company or DJ has in place and it shouldn't be shortly before or on the wedding day. This topic should be discussed before you have any conversation about price. If something or someone is unreliable it’s probably not worth the price even if it is a fantastic deal. When a new DJ product hits the market with inspiring promises and promotes a low price I’m always concerned about what is missing and allowing them to achieve that price point. So personally I do favor products and brands that are known for quality and reliability with price being a secondary consideration.

Like most things to do with a wedding it’s always best to get things in writing. That means it’s more than just asking if the DJ company has a back-up in place, they should be able to the name the DJ and any back-ups. This is different than saying a member of the staff will act as back-up. If you're paying for quality and reliability then the company should name not only the DJ, but also the back-up vs. an unknown staff member that really could be anyone. Now this could prove to be challenging or simply not offered, but the top companies will always recognize the importance of your wedding day and have measures in place that take care of couples first. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about back-ups and get things in writing. These are a few extra steps that could ultimately help you avoid unwarranted stress while saving you both time and money in-terms of the deposit or even the full amount of the booking.

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