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  • Ken Prentice, C.Tech

Why People In The Entertainment Industry Contact Us for Their Weddings

Beautiful Outdoor Ceremony with Loops N Jamzz DJs

Every year we do more and more weddings for couples that are in or associated with the entertainment industry. These clients are involved in television, film, concerts, theatre, night clubs, even music festivals. Sometimes they’re sound engineers, or producers, promoters, managers, special event coordinators, and the list goes on. They have a distinct advantage over the majority of couples searching for a wedding DJ because they have additional insight and knowledge in the field. The majority of them have a high appreciation for people that choose to invest in professional training and education. They know what quality is and what value that brings. There’s a mutual understanding of what experience, quality, and training will mean at the wedding reception. These are people that aren’t fooled by well-crafted sales pitches and they frequently ask for me by name. They want a DJ that’s experienced, with 5-star reviews, who has invested in professional training, and that actually uses the premium equipment advertised.

There’s not a lot of DJs that invest in training like Loops N Jamzz, anywhere. In the last five years there were a total of 6 different DJs that DJ weddings in the KW, Stratford and surrounding areas that have attended Mobile Beat in Las Vegas. This is the largest conference and training for wedding and event DJs in North America. Of the 6 DJs working in KW area 3 are from Loops N Jamzz. That means 50% of the DJ’s that have attended this conference and training in the last 5 years from the Kitchener- Waterloo area are part of the team at Loops N Jamzz. There’s no comparison, we simply invest more in this type of training and education than any DJ company in the area. Our reason for doing this is simple; it unquestionably improves quality. Nothing compares to hands on learning from industry experts. The people we deal with in the entertainment industry recognize the value of training and often do the same themselves because they know the difference this can make.

Example of Badges from Professional Conferences and Training Attended by Loops N Jamzz

Experience can be a difference maker, but it’s only earned over time. This could aided by attending high quality training, and as mentioned above, few DJs or companies make that investment. My experience, as well as other members of the Loops N Jamzz team is well documented online through reviews. The difference is these DJs all still are part of the Loops N Jamzz team which is unlike most other companies. We don’t hire new or inexperienced DJs ever. We don’t intend to be the biggest DJ company in Southwest Ontario. Our strategy is simple; to have higher quality DJs that care and understand the importance of your wedding day. It’s not our goal to do over 200 weddings a year. Instead we offer a much more personalized service. We’re invested in your day and we don’t want you to have just another generic wedding. People in the entertainment industry know that it matters who you hire and that someone without experience isn’t worth the same as someone with it. That’s why they ask for me by name and often request that I DJ their wedding.

Admittedly most brides or couples don’t know or care much about equipment and mistakenly believe it’s all the same or at least comparable. They can be very different and a DJ that’s truly invested in DJing will progress past the default basic controllers. I know that still doesn’t translate well to couples so I’ll clarify and explain why I use a club set-up instead. I was never overly impressed with the sound quality and features from my various controllers, particularly for weddings and events. The control and crispness from a high grade club mixer exceeds anything I could ever get from a controller so I changed my setup. The biggest deterrent for most DJs going to this setup is cost which is comparatively 10x more than many controllers. However, saying a basic controller is the same as a club mixer is like saying a school bus is the same as limo bus for your wedding since they both essentially do the same thing. Most people would agree there’s some pretty big differences. This includes people in the entertainment industry and this helps to explain why they contact us.

People don’t regret paying for quality regardless of the product or service and this holds true for weddings. I think it’s fair to say we’ve all made the mistake of believing something priced exceptionally well would be just as good as the premium, but we often realize it’s just not that good or worse, it’s not even close to what we expected. Weddings, however, are not that forgiving. There’s no second chance to fix those mistakes afterwards by purchasing the right solution. People in the entertainment industry understand the importance of who you hire and how entertainment affects your wedding. This year I asked a client of ours from the entertainment industry why he booked us and why his only comment on price was, “Let me know what it will cost.” He told that he knew he could find a DJ for less, but he knew they would not be the same. He cared about the quality of the DJ at their wedding. He knew about our reputation and that people in the industry had recommended that he talk to us. He went on to say that based on what we offer and what the other DJs offer he expected us to be more and that we should easily be double. Knowing what you’re getting and who you’re getting with entertainment is what matters most if you want your wedding reception to be a celebration.

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