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  • Ken Prentice, C.Tech

Hiring Genuinely Good People for Your Wedding

When I first wrote this times were very different, we had just done our first wedding of 2020 and then it all changed for everyone. I don’t think there’s a single person I know that hasn’t been significantly impacted. The positive part is that I’m seeing shining examples of people stepping up and helping. On the other hand, I’m also seeing examples of people both in and out of the wedding industry that clearly place themselves well ahead others which is unfortunate, nonetheless, a testament to their character. To me one thing this stresses is the importance of getting to know the people that are going to be a part of your wedding day. Are they ‘me first’ people or are they understanding, caring, and willing to work collaboratively with you?

Most people in the local wedding industry of KW (Kitchener, Waterloo), and Stratford know Michelle for her caring demeanor besides being a DJ. Many of them don’t know those very same attributes are what make her so great in health care at a long term home. Michelle is always trying to take care of others with a level of caring and compassion that isn’t easily found. Although she’s never willing accept any of the credit for Loops N Jamzz she is absolutely critical to the success. While she’ll often defer those accolades to just about everyone else, she really represents the values and heart of the company. There’s really no tangible value that can measure just how important and awesome Michelle is.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to meet Michelle and you’re having a wedding you might want to chat with her. First, Michelle genuinely loves weddings and she loves helping people. Michelle is that person you can have a conversation with and you’ll quickly realize she sincerely cares. Michelle’s qualities of warmth, giving, and her experience are what makes her an expert at what she does. Michelle knows how to make people comfortable and the party fun. That’s exactly why so many couples appreciate what Michelle does so much.

Before we officially started Loops N Jamzz it was well known by family and friends that if there was wedding she was there to help. If someone we knew was getting married she was always in the wedding party and helping with the planning. If they needed an MC for the evening it was likely going to be Michelle. If something needed to get done for wedding and the couple was stuck then Michelle would make it happen. Her energy and positivity would help make any stresses around planning a wedding disappear.

Michelle has been a part of hundreds of weddings and events in Ontario. Today she still has the same authentic passion for making a wedding day extra special for couples. Michelle has always been cheerful and willing to lending a hand if it’s needed. It was during a thank you speech from a couple that I really noticed how much she meant to couples. The couple said after meeting Michelle they felt like they hadn’t just booked a DJ, they felt like they had made a new best friend.

Unquestionably Michelle is the type of person you want at your wedding. She has every qualification you technically want in a DJ including training at some of best DJ schools in North America. Beyond typical DJ skills, Michelle offers so much more. She has something schools or equipment don’t, she genuinely cares about people. It’s never been just a wedding to Michelle, instead, it’s going be the best day of your life and she’s going to help make it that way. It’s obvious that Michelle is doing something she loves when she’s helping couples and that’s infectious. There’s a good reason why so many people love Michelle; she’s not just a great DJ, she’s a great person.

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