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  • Ken Prentice, C.Tech

Wedding Hack No. 3: Don’t Just Hire Any DJ

I’ve always found the key to just about every relationship is communication. If the party is centred around celebrating with family and friends using music, than the DJ plays a critical role. We’ve always met with couples because as most people know, roughly 93% of communication is nonverbal. Sure there’s forms and various programs with algorithms designed to address this, but they can miss some of the personal details, and it seems pretty impersonal for something that should be very social. There’s a lot that we learn from couples during these conversations and we put that information to work when we customize their wedding reception. Here’s an inside tip: it’s not uncommon for half the wedding DJ’s to be new to the wedding industry. So I’m not surprised that some couples have regrets around the reception and the party, or lack of party.

It’s not a secret that good communication contributes to success, and that doesn’t change on your wedding day. We use the information shared with us to create a customized timeline that makes everyone’s life easier at the wedding. At the first few weddings we ever did I realized everyone went to the DJ with questions. After our third wedding we started designing timelines based on the planned flow of the wedding reception. There needed to be more communication so everyone understood what was happening and when. The results have been fantastic since our timeline puts everyone on the same page and the couples love it. Having a customized plan allows them to be present without worrying about the details of managing what is next. Tip no. 2 communication with the vendors at your wedding makes a huge difference.

Having a process in place eases a lot of stress for couples. Since we’re DJ’s there’s a lot of scheduling around speeches and music. We build custom music crates that reflect the customers taste, and that’s different from a re-used crates. We build custom crates because we’re not generic, and neither is music, even if it’s just dinner music. The crates we build contain enough music for the entire wedding and they’re then backed up so they can easily be transferred to a second system. We have never used all the music in these crates because you still need to read the crowd and adjust based on the atmosphere of the wedding. This is something that only experienced DJs do well. Tip no. 3 having an experienced DJ that works with you from the start allows you to create a personalized wedding.

Communication, preparation, and experience are the best combination for DJ at your wedding. The DJ you choose and the entertainment you have is going to have the biggest influence on the atmosphere at your wedding reception. Their preparation and skills matter if the plan is to have a celebration at your wedding reception. Most couples tell us that they want to have a party at their wedding. These are the best in our experience after doing hundreds of weddings and events in Kitchener, Waterloo and Stratford. Communicating with your DJ, knowing their level of experience and being prepared with a plan is what separates a great wedding reception full of memories and a wedding reception. Avoid having a disappointing wedding reception and don’t just get anyone to DJ your wedding. Get a DJ with 5-star reviews that is willing to work with you to make your wedding personalized and awesome.

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