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Cast the Right DJ at Your Reception

Weddings are a celebration where the bride and groom are the stars of their very own love story in front of friends and family. Every detail is a reflection of the couple and plays a part. The venue, food, décor, flowers, cake, MC and DJ all play supporting roles in telling your story. The bride, groom, bridal party and families all invest countless hours working towards your special day. Trusted professionals can make a huge difference when you’re trying to produce an event on such a large stage. A professional should be invested in your day and help guide you on your day. This includes representing your best interests from start-to-finish. As professional DJ’s we’re also invested in the planning of your special day, as well as, helping with the execution of your picture perfect day.

A good DJ is a key component in the execution of your reception. A DJ is there from the beginning of the reception to the last song. In actuality DJ’s are there long before the first guest arrives at the reception and after the last song has played. The reception is just the finale of hours of prep work. Our philosophy at Loops N Jamzz is to work directly with brides which gives brides direct access to the DJs. This means the whole team is working with you and invested in the success of your reception and we don’t use a questionnaire to match a bride with DJ. We want this to be the best day of your life and a lasting positive memory.

We make every effort to ensure bride and groom remember their day as exceptional. Having two DJs on site is just one example how we differ and how that difference is an absolute benefit for couples. This goes beyond having proper equipment and backups, but also only have trained and experienced DJs. Being able to react, change and adapt to every unique situation is a luxury most DJ services don’t have, but with two of us there we can. Our team has also trained at some the best DJ schools in North America because we believe this offers significant value to brides. Having technical skills along with an understanding of how a wedding should flow, is what gives brides that great experience. The combination of skill and expertise that comes from real experience are major factors for a successful reception.

Loops N Jamzz is invested in the success of your reception. On average we spend 8 hours at the majority of weddings, this does not include the prep, meetings, emails, agendas, set-up and teardown time which amounts to another 24 to 32 hours. The reality is that you’ll spend more time with your DJ than many other vendors. We spend this much time on prep because we want your day to be as stress free as possible and we’ve seen the positive results. This prep work provides a working script for the events of the evening although it’s not totally rigid it does serve to give everyone involved some direction. These efforts along with our team approach are what allows us to have a smooth execution of the events we do in Kitchener, Waterloo, Stratford and surrounding areas.

From the first contact you’re talking with an actual DJ at Loops N Jamzz, no representatives, assistants or agents. We have three DJs with two at every event because we know this vastly improves communication, relieves stress, flexibility and ultimately giving brides the experience they envisioned. The third member of our team is reserved for emergency situations. Having the support of the whole team has resulted in much of our success over the years. Brides often comment to us that they felt at ease knowing they have two of us there and how great their experience was because of this. We know there’s no second takes for your special day that’s why we’re completely invested in producing the best possible experience and the happy ending every love story deserves.

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