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Since All Wedding DJs Are The Same, What Brides Should Know

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

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Almost two years ago we received an email from a Kitchener-Waterloo bride that started exactly like this, "since all wedding DJs are the same what’s your best price?" Her email also included some formalities such as the date and location of the wedding. I remembered thinking to myself that was an interesting perspective have towards potential wedding vendors, as well as, debating how to reply. The direct indifference towards wedding DJs was bothersome personally and professionally, but what happened later was fairly telling of the risks associated with the lowest cost solutions. I’ve always felt like there’s various types of DJs working at weddings and couples should make their choice after doing some research.

A quick search online will reveal more than a few wedding DJ options. Couples can do the DYI DJ using a playlist and sometimes it works and sometimes there are problems. Alternatively there’s the budget DJ options that come complete with a mix of various legacy audio components and often interesting characters. Then there’s the beginner DJ that has slightly better equipment, but very little or no wedding experience. There’s a noticeable difference with an intermediate DJ including some experience and a good working knowledge equipment. Finally there’s experienced DJs that typically offer more than just high grade equipment, they also have intangible skills and technical knowledge. Those are just a few common examples of DJ personalities that exist.

We’ve spent years earning our reputations of being professional, reliable, and offering more than the average DJ. Our weddings have been published in magazines, we’ve had features in online DJ publications, not to mention articles published in engineering journals. Our whole team is formally educated and experienced, plus, in addition to this, we’ve also invested significant amounts in professional training at DJ schools. We value education, experience and professionalism, but that might not be as critical to everyone. In Kitchener, Waterloo and Stratford you can find a wide variety of wedding DJs and they can offer some very different experiences for couples.

Getting back to the bride that emailed about the sameness of wedding DJs, we did respond requesting more details. This lead to a quick response from the bride with the best price she had received, as well as, asking us to match it. We offered some advice such as, checking that the DJ service was indeed a legally registered business and to double check for reviews, etc. We didn’t say this, but the price alone indicated that it wasn’t likely to be a legitimate business. Normally that would be the end of it and it was until two weeks before her wedding date. Last June we received a call from a panicked bride desperately trying to find a new DJ because she was unable to locate the DJ that she had already paid in full. Her name and wedding date seemed familiar then we realized this was, "since all DJs are the same what’s your best price?"

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