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  • Ken Prentice, C.Tech

The Experience Matters At Your Wedding

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

The best price DJ in Kitchener Waterloo, Stratford, Cambridge, Guelph is often the worst value

Every Bride should know, but may don’t know exactly who will providing the service on their wedding day. Most purchases made with regards to a service have an element of unknown which makes it more challenging to determine the best options. Still just about everyone knows or has some understanding of the value of good entertainment or how much bad entertainment can hinder the night. I think just about everyone has seen someone in a position they don’t belong in. May be you've seen a DJ that’s clearly under qualified and seems lost or an MC that fumbles their way through the night. It happens, but I’ve never met a bride that wants these things happening at their wedding. I’ve personally witnessed a number of these occurrences from weddings to business conferences. A couple of years ago at a very large conference I saw quite possibly the worst presentation I’d ever seen. As it went from bad to worse I continued to watch even after another DJ turned to me and asked why are we still here? I thought to myself, there’s a lot of people that came to hear this guy speak and they genuinely wanted to know more about this new software. Looking around the room it occurred to me that the marketing effort was very impactful, however, the delivery or service left lots to be desired.

Beyond the technical issues, which were too many to list, the presenter seemed unfamiliar with the software he was championing. As each new issue arose he found someone to blame and this made the presentation feel completely awkward. The presentation unraveled further to the point where I lost any remote interest in the software. The presenter had resorted to extremely cheesy rhetoric and bad jokes. I remember wondering about the presenter’s level of experience with this software because he looked like a first time user. I also figured he was paid to sell this product to the audience and it became painfully clear he had sold the software company on his presentation skills and they failed to elevate his technical skills. It reminded of hearing DJ companies promising the world to brides. The problem with this sales technique is that in many cases the skill sets of the DJ can fail to meet or exceed what was promised because instead of investing in training many companies prefer to spend money on marketing towards brides.

I can admit that I think some marketing done towards brides is absolutely brilliant even at the local level. I’ve seen campaigns made in KW (Kitchener, Waterloo), Stratford, Cambridge, and Guelph that are polished and extremely persuasive. In some cases it’s nothing more than a great promotion. The service isn’t equal to the billing from both the talent level, and the equipment used. There’s not even a glimpse of authenticity, instead it’s a commoditized booking and sales process. If a DJ company promises personalized service then it’s logical that you should be able to the meet the DJ prior to your wedding reception. This is especially if they promote themselves as a full time DJ service with full time DJs. Checklists and software programs can be useful tools for brides, but using them to match couples with a DJ seems fairly impersonal. There’s no program in use by DJs that has advanced AI that will find the perfect DJ especially given the number of DJs they might have available to them, since it’s frequently far less than 10. You’re only getting the best DJ that’s available so the relevance of those programs or forms is debatable.

The DJ or any entertainment you have at your wedding directly affects the atmosphere either in the form of amazing moments or it can leave you questioning your choice. That’s why I advocate that brides meet their DJ and go beyond the marketing material. I believe there’s more to brides than any software or form could ever tell anyone and the same is true with DJs. Reading or being told about someone really doesn’t give you the whole story. It’s important to make sure the talent and the personality of the DJ is something that fits with your vision. A DJ is providing a service that often revolves around expertise so their experience should reflect that and any experienced DJ these days should have tangible proof in the form of online reviews. In 2019 just like every other year there will be an influx of new DJs in the wedding industry. Some will good, some will be bad, but most of all many will lack experience and quality training. So it’s important that brides educate themselves and have some understanding of what matters to them on their wedding day. If you’re stuck on where to start, try going to wedding shows and talk to with different vendors, and DJ services. You can also ask your venue which DJs they prefer and why. Brides need to do some research and not just blindly believe the marketing material in person or online. Take some time and get to know the DJ, then decide if they’re the perfect choice for your wedding.

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