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  • Ken Prentice, C.Tech

Brides Were A Direct Influence On Our Business

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Before starting our DJ company I thought I had a fairly comprehensive understanding of what would make us different. I had been to numerous weddings and music was okay. Sometimes the sound was not great while other times the DJ was just hitting play from one song to the next one. As a DJ to me what was missing was largely the art and creativity of DJing. Still I needed to do some diligence and confirm that having developed skills as a DJ was relevant. After speaking with former brides about their experience pertaining the music and their wedding, we found that a consistent sentiment was raised. These former brides and their feedback profoundly influenced us and our business.

Most of my focus was on technical aspects, such as, training, equipment and mixing. These were all actions that would directly impact the quality of our service. Brides, however, pointed out something that extended beyond these ideals and it was beautiful in its simplicity. They simply wanted to get the DJ they expected with the experience, training and top equipment being promoted. Often they would meet with someone that had all the right answers and they believed this was their DJ. However, at the wedding the DJ was not the person they met with and they didn’t have the same rapport. Hearing this from brides had an immense impact on us and further heightened the value we placed on relationships with our clients.

I was hearing a significant disconnect between the expectations of the bride and the delivery of the service. Brides were expecting a DJ with 10, 15 or 20 years of experience and often getting someone with less or even someone without any experience. The relationship that developed in prior meetings did not exist at the wedding because the DJ was someone different. More brides mentioned their disappointment and dislike of this specific aspect above everything else. These brides typically expressed that had they known this would happen, they wouldn’t have signed the contract.

Sometimes brides are matched with a DJ or the job is subcontracted. This was something I hadn’t considered much particularly since we had no intention of operating that way. Sometimes this works and other times it doesn't. Frequently the experience of the DJ doesn't equal what the DJ company touts to brides. I do believe talent can be developed and taught, however, experience can only be earned with time. We’ve trained at some of the best DJ schools with some of the top teachers, but that doesn’t mean we've acquired their level of skill or experience afterwards. It does demonstrate the level of commitment we have to continuously improving.

Loops N Jamzz March 2019 with Hapa

aka the DJ Coach, Scratch Academy

Transparency was always important to us with our business, but we should give credit to brides for stressing how much it meant to them. We wanted to bring something different to weddings locally in Kitchener, Waterloo, Stratford and surrounding areas. We also wanted to remain authentic to our ideals of fun DJs with elite training, experience and high grade equipment. Over five years later we’ve stayed true to this process through investing more in training and equipment vs. advertising and marketing. We still don’t subcontract instead we’re simply honest about that fact that we’re booked. We don’t do 200 weddings a year, but we have the experience of doing hundreds of weddings. We’ve chosen to work directly with our brides to provide a level of personalized service that is realized using this approach. Thanks to the hard work of our team and those brides that helped us at the inception of Loops N Jamzz we’ve been a part of many awesome and successful weddings.

If you have questions about wedding receptions or just weddings in general contact us.

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