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5 Reasons Why You Want An Experienced DJ At Your Wedding

Your DJ is either going to help create some special memories or give you some you would rather not have on your wedding day. Experience matters, underestimating the impact of the decision whether or not to hire an experienced DJ or accept being matched with recent hire is something that couples can end up regretting. Think of your own work situation, could a new hire produce the same quality of work as you in 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year, when you have years of experience? Chances are, you’ve developed a level of skill that makes you proficient. The knowledge you have from experience makes you an asset. Depending on what’s involved, that experience could be extremely valuable. In the case of weddings, experience matters, because you don’t get a do over for special moments, they only happen once.

Top 5 Things an Experienced DJ Knows:

1. They know the flow of weddings

2. They’re able to adapt if one or more aspects of the wedding change

3. They’ve played to a variety of ages and understand the importance of music selection

4. An Experienced DJ knows how to make your dance floor fun

5. They’ve spent time learning and developing expertise

A DJ’s skills are developed over time, but they can certainly be enhanced through training. It’s well known that we frequently seek out and attend some of the best DJ training events, because of this I sometimes get asked by DJ companies to help train their DJs. The last time I trained a group, the newest DJ rated himself a 7 while the more experienced DJs rated themselves between 6 and 7. The more experienced DJs in this group had a good gasp of fundamentals, while the newer DJ struggled with some techniques. It’s common for a new DJ to believe they’re really good or sometimes even the best, because they don’t have enough or any exposure to high quality DJs. However, when you’ve trained at some of the best DJ schools in; Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York and Jamaica with the likes of a Red Bull 3 Style champion, even DJs who believe they’re the best would be humbled.

The combination of wedding experience and high quality training make a DJ significantly better than a DJ without either of those, which is usually evident in their reviews. A good DJ with years of experience will have reviews from a variety of sources supporting this point. Experience is so coveted and influential that I often see new DJs/DJ Companies claiming to have 5 or even 10 years of experience that isn’t reflected anywhere. It’s always best for couples check to determine if any claims about having years of experience can be substantiated through other sources like; Facebook, the Wedding Wire and Google. There’s a good reason everyone talks about being experienced, because it translates into happier couples at the wedding when the DJ has experience. Given the importance of a wedding, it’s worthwhile finding a DJ with a level of experience that you’re comfortable with. This is especially true in the case of weddings, or any special event, because there’s a direct relationship to the DJ and the quality of the memories you make at your wedding.


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