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They Told Us Couples Don’t Want A Female DJ

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

It’s fairly obvious that the majority of DJs are guys, and girls only represent a small percentage. In fact, we were told that even having female DJs would be detrimental to bookings since couples wanted male DJs. We decided it was best to completely ignore that insight from the industry because the basis of their theory wasn’t accompanied with any meaningful merit. There was nothing proven that would inhibit or limit the capabilities of a female DJ. However, it was impossible ignore that a general bias existed inferring that females don’t know how to DJ. We knew our entire concept was a direct contradiction to this bias, but we didn’t want to be the same. Loops N Jamzz was created by a small group of experienced DJs both male and female. Our level of education, technical ability, and sophistication greatly exceed the capacities of those giving this advice. The status quo wasn’t going to form the foundation for our DJ service even if that reasoning had worked well in the past.

Before forming Loops N Jamzz we generally didn’t work at weddings there was the odd special event, but we started getting requests for weddings. That was around 7 years ago, since then we’ve gathered up a few DJ friends to form the team. One of the female DJs got her start by doing competitions at bars and clubs. If you wanted to test your actual skills this one of the most unforgiving environments because there’s an expectation that you’re good. I recall writing the set list with her and filling it with advanced transitions, hard cuts, drop swapping and word play. These skills were well in excess of average, but would be required to truly compete. She learned the routine by investing weeks and long hours of practice. After learning it inside and out I let her know it she needed two have a second one.

Dedication, hard work and the pure willingness to learn would likely mean she would be going to the finals and require a second routine. She ended up needing that second routine as she went on to finish in second to DJ with 15 years of experience which was more than I had. During her first set one DJ even dropped out because in his words she was pretty good and his chances of winning were a lot less than he had expected. I don’t know what the general expectation was, but I can say a few DJs learned very quickly that she was well above average. There’s just not a ton of people that could perform well in that particular situation. Being the only female DJ, relatively new and your first experience is playing in front of a crowd is a competition. That takes more than an incredible amount of courage, it takes a really strong belief in yourself because your nerves are going to be put to the test.

We witnessed this event and everything leading up to it because as a company we really support one another and that then translates over to our weddings. Occasionally, we still hear comments from others that none of these things matter since mixing isn’t important at a wedding. This is often coming from the same individuals that commented about female DJs not being good for business. The decision process as to what does and doesn’t matter is made by couples, not DJ companies. Furthermore, qualities such as; skills, experience and overall talent are really unique to the individual DJ not the DJ company. There’s no reasonable argument that shows that same qualities that make a good male DJ couldn’t be found in a female DJ. Both the male and female members of our team have more training, education and even experience than the average DJ. How many companies can really offer couples a DJ that has paid to attend professional training, graduated college, competed in a DJ competition, and has 5 years plus of wedding experience? We’ve never seen ourselves as the same as the DJ companies in; Kitchener Waterloo, Cambridge or Stratford. Instead we’re a talent based DJ company that places our emphasis on providing a quality experience regardless of the DJ being male or female.

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