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Are You Okay With Average At Your Wedding?

Loops N Jamzz weddings in Stratford, Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge Ontario

Most couples when they envision their wedding day picture having an epic party. At the same time many don’t know just how much influence music and your DJ will have on it. If you’re not researching, and more importantly looking, for the right attributes then you’re taking some chances. There’s at times an abundance of “professional” DJs and no real standard to determine what criteria is required to make someone professional. People that think being a DJ is easy or that they could do it. I’ve had friends tell me they could and I’ve let them try only to have them fail. This is always met with the same comment, that it’s not a fair comparison, because I have years of experience and they don’t. That’s 100% true, experience makes a huge difference.

Recently we were working at wedding when a guest came up and commented that I wasn’t just an average DJ, that I was an artist. They had seen us before and told us how much fun they have when we’re DJing. They didn’t have a song request which, generally, is the reason most people stop by. Instead they wanted to tell us we were “party artists”. This wasn’t the first time we had heard that our parties were fun from guests, however, this was the first time anyone had ever used the words “party artists” to describe what we do. Overall, this was probably the most fitting and accurate analysis of what we really do; we help create an atmosphere of positive energy that makes your wedding fun.

If you want those special moments at your reception you need to make sure you’re hiring an expert DJ that can help you. A DJ with working experience will make a huge difference at your wedding and is more valuable than any other aspect of the wedding, when it comes down to the party. Receptions have a flow, when a DJ understands how this works they can use their knowledge to help build up to the party, but not every DJ has these skills. Wedding receptions should have a plan, but they also need to develop authentically, and the DJ should be ready to help if necessary. This where an experienced DJ can really be the difference maker at your wedding. Knowing what to do, when to do it, and having the right equipment all contributes to the success of the wedding.

“I’d recommend them to anyone and everyone looking for a DJ and will happily call on them again if needed, for any occasion where music brings people together.” Brad M. - married October, 2021

The average professional wedding DJ is going to give you the basics for your wedding. If you want more for your wedding then doing some additional research is key. There’s some common misconceptions that all DJs are the same. The fact is there’s as many new DJs as experienced ones, so you’re going to want proof when it comes to a DJ’s level of experience. Without knowing the DJ’s name for your wedding you could be accepting an average or a new DJ. We feel for a wedding, it’s much better to find a DJ that’s willing to invest extra time and tailor the party around you. If you want an amazing wedding day then find an experienced DJ that takes it to another level. Your wedding is once in a lifetime and we believe that it should include some pretty special memories of an epic celebration.


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