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Is the Party an Important Part of Your Wedding

Allie Jennings Photography - Loops N Jamzz Wedding Cambridge Ontario

Planning a wedding is a big undertaking, but is also very exciting for couples. Most brides will have some vision in mind when it comes their dream wedding. From the ceremony, dress, flower, venue, décor, food and party, they have some picture of the perfect day. Brides will invest a lot of time and energy in finding the photographer that will help capture those special moments. Flowers that complement the venue and décor. Finding that special dress that shows your style and makes them feel great. Then, it’s time to choose a menu that will tastefully delight your guests as they get ready to celebrate. The budget might be exhausted on décor, flowers, and other wedding related costs, but you still need to decide on your entertainment. This is likely the reason why more brides say after their wedding if they were to do it again they would invest more in entertainment.

Two years ago I met with a bride that had just attended a wedding and she didn’t want her wedding to be anything like it. She wanted to have the best party, unlike the one she had just been to. She went on to say that most of the guests were gone before 10 PM and that the DJ was playing music that no one liked or could dance to. She went on to tell me that the company was very well known and much larger than us. I asked her if the bride knew the DJ personally and she said no, the bride mentioned she had been matched with a DJ after filling out the required forms online. Cleary, the amount of effort that went into planning most of the wedding wasn’t given to hiring the DJ.

I explained how most brides would not book a photographer without meeting them, but when you book a DJ company you generally have no idea about the DJ you’re getting or their qualifications. You might fill out forms requesting an experienced DJ that knows how to mix, but in reality your chances of receiving that are less than half. However, when you book with us you know exactly who you’re getting and that everything is backed up, including the DJ. This is not the standard for a DJ company, regardless of size. We have 3 DJs that have trained at the Scratch Academy and Blend DJ Institute, and there’s no other DJ company in the Kitchener-Waterloo or Stratford area that’s done this. In fact, only 5% of all DJs will ever pay to attend any DJ related training.

I met with the bride two additional times before the wedding, to make sure everything was the way she wanted it. This two-way communication helps us more than any online form ever could. Her wedding was the epic celebration she wanted; filled with memories, family, and friends. This wedding was the complete opposite of the wedding she had attended, where nobody danced and there was no party. Some brides might think; a DJ is DJ, chicken is chicken, a dress is a dress, a photographer is photographer. But, if any of these things matter than I would suggest otherwise. Very few things are exactly alike, especially people, and this is why you can have very different results depending on who you hire. A DJ that meets directly with you and personalizes the details of your wedding makes your party better. An added bonus is when they have backups in place, because this shows that the DJ is prioritizing your wedding, and is committed to making it the best wedding it could possibly be. At the end of the night (1 AM), our bride thanked us for an awesome party that she’ll remember forever.

Looking forward to having an epic party at your wedding feel free to contact us.


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