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No Regrets or Gamble the Success of the Wedding

No Regrets on Wedding Day when you hire a professional DJ in  Kitchener-Waterloo and Stratford, Ontario.

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and patience. A wedding is a big undertaking for most couples, so it’s important to find trusted wedding professionals. Researching and hiring good wedding vendors can be the difference between a day filled with memories or a day with some regrets. When it comes to hiring entertainment for the wedding, many couples leave this decision for later in the planning process without much consideration. There’s many reasons for this, and there’s no question that certain aspects of the planning process need to be in place before deciding on entertainment. However, underestimating the value of a good DJ at a wedding is and has been the biggest regret of many brides over the last few decades. Most couples list the party and celebrating as one of the things they’re most excited about when discussing their wedding. These couples should know that experience and qualifications will vary from DJ-to-DJ so you don’t want to overlook this, since it will likely have a direct impact on the wedding reception.

There’s helpful wedding information in the form of published tips for hiring wedding DJs, but all those tips lack relevance in comparison to one question that every couple needs to ask. Who is going to DJ my wedding? This should be followed by questions, such as, ‘can I see reviews from their past weddings’ and ‘can I meet them in-person,’ (if the DJ is not who you’re meeting with). There’s a good reason for this omission from the list of questions to ask your DJ, and that’s because sometimes they just don’t actually know. This is especially true if you book through a DJ company a year or even six months in advance and they need to match you with a DJ.

Every year there’s a number of new DJs starting out. Plenty of DJ companies do their hiring in the late winter-early spring season before the start of the wedding season in May. There’s also a number of start-up DJ services, as well as ones that end up shutting down. With covid, those numbers have increased for the latter. This is part of the reason why only some working DJs can say they have the experience of doing 50 weddings, while even less can say they’ve done 100 weddings.

Finding a DJ with wedding experience has gotten harder for couples, so it’s important that they ask some questions. If you’re looking forward to the party and celebrating with family and friends, then the person or people responsible for that aspect of the wedding really matter. So it’s probably not the best idea to hire a DJ you don’t meet with or to have someone match you with a DJ without knowing their experience or qualifications. This isn’t good way to find your DJ or any wedding vendor and I’m not alone in saying this. Not researching the DJ thoroughly is the number one regret of many brides. There’s no denying the value that hiring top-notch entertainment can bring. Even major wedding publications are acknowledging what a difference this can make at your wedding. If your party is something you’re excited about, don’t gamble it, and make sure you’re getting someone qualified that wants to make your wedding a success.


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