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The Best Wedding Receptions Start With A Good Plan

Wedding Reception Stratford, Ontario

There’s one wedding secret that helps eliminate stress and makes everything look easy. It all starts with having a good plan, which you’ll really appreciate. The difference between having a plan and not having one is something that directly affects the reception. If you’ve ever been to a wedding reception and it seemed slightly disorganized, or even chaotic, chances are they didn’t have a plan or a very good wedding reception plan. If you’ve ever seen a bride constantly providing direction at the wedding reception or turning to one of the bridesmaids to make something happen, that’s because there was no reception plan to help to guide them through.

There’s two wedding professionals that are consistently there from the start of the wedding reception until the very end: bartenders and DJs. During the first few weddings as a DJ I had; bridesmaids, family, guests, photographers, and even the chosen MC would ask questions about what’s going to happen next. By the sixth wedding I realized it would be better if I had a timeline, and since then I’ve created over 100. I can’t stress it enough that this, without a doubt, will help you on your wedding day.

Our reception time isn't the same as what a wedding planner does. A wedding planner will have a timeline organized around wedding vendors and who’s doing what. Having a wedding planner is a fantastic idea because they will certainly help and have some serious insight into weddings. A reception timeline is specific to the wedding reception with a focus on setting an atmosphere with music. Having a reception timeline contributes to the mood and tone of the wedding more than most people know.

There’s a lot of moving parts at a wedding reception, so having some coordination is a huge difference

maker. A timeline helps organize the reception which should reduce potential stress. Having an

experienced wedding DJ to help you create it is beneficial because they’re also there to assist you with

the execution of the plan. Your DJ and MC are traffic directors at the wedding reception, and play critical roles throughout the wedding reception. Everything gets better when you have a plan and I wouldn’t suggest just winging it. Have a plan to ensure the success of your wedding reception, so you can live in the moment on the day of, and spend time celebrating with family and friends.


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