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It's A Workout -The 5 Wedding DJ Types You Should Know About

The New Year is a reset, which makes it a popular time for resolutions and one of the most common resolutions is to workout. Something else that happens consistently around the same time, many couples become engaged over the holidays. This is less noticeable because it applies only to the people experiencing it, but the timing of both is really close, so I thought they would offer a good comparison. As a DJ Company that primarily does weddings, we tend to get lumped into one group. So you might think a DJ is a DJ, but that would be the same as saying every gym is the same. Chances are, before joining a gym you do a bit of research, hopefully that extends beyond which gym has the best price.

There’s the no frills, low-cost options like Fit 4 Less. All the basics are there, but the space is fairly tight and crowded. This is the low cost DJ, they’re noticeably below the average market price. This is the starting point for many new DJs and how they gain some "real" experience. The majority have the basics, but nothing that’s higher grade which is part of the reason for the price you pay for a more experienced DJ. These tend to be smaller companies or a single DJ. The focus is selling based on price.

Another option (for a gym) could look a lot like the YMCA, with a little bit of everything. Swimming, basketball, weights, sauna, it’s there. The expertise is limited, but classes are an option so it’s a step up. This is the DJ Service that has extras like; lawn games, officiant, photo booth, photography, videography, etc. Generally they’ll start below average price for a DJ, but they can make up for it by bundling services together. You’re unlikely to find the best in any category, but the focus is on offering a variety of things you might want or need in one place.

The big brother of Fit 4 Less is Goodlife, with multiple locations, larger facilities, with upgrades throughout and a well-known name. The have higher levels of service and a well-defined sales process. These are very similar to big DJ companies, they tend to invest heavily in marketing so there’s name recognition, and they do a lot of volume. The DJs might do some in-house training, but for the most part the DJs are still independent contract workers and not employees. The pricing is typically at or very near the average, but this where reliability starts improving.

Then you have options like Movati, which offers more, and a higher end experience. Their brand is for couples that appreciate the nicer finishing touches. There’s a bigger investment in the look and a crafted image of status. The DJ services that fall into this category tend to be more exclusive to their brand. You’ll still find new DJs here, but the orientation and training is more polished. The focus is on the brand and standards, as well as the look associated with it.

Last there’s the specialized options like a dedicated CrossFit gym. The environment, equipment, and staff are specific for these work outs. This is comparable to a DJ that has a specific skillset which could be mixing, MCing, or some other talent. Often these DJs have invested in specialized training and have years of experience. Most are either independent DJs or part of small companies, however, in some cases a large company might have 1 or 2 DJs at a higher price that would be classified as elite. The focus here is on talent of the DJ you’re hiring not the DJ Company, because the talent is unique to the individual.

In my experience most couples don’t have much in-depth exposure to weddings prior to their engagement, and as a result, they can easily get overwhelmed. It might seem easier to try and evaluate all the DJs on the basis of price to simplify the selection process, but this also removes some qualified choices. It’s better to understand the distinctive offering of each DJ so you can determine if those differences bring justified value to your wedding day. Although a new DJ might promise the service of a higher end DJ, from what I’ve seen over the years, that’s just not how it works, because there’s always a relationship between quality and cost. It really comes down to what features and level of service you’re willing to eliminate from your wedding to pay a lower price. Alternatively, you need to decide if it would be more advantageous to adjust the budget to accommodate what you really want for your wedding day.


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