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  • Ken Prentice, C.Tech

Finding Great Wedding Vendors

There’s some tremendously talented vendors in the wedding industry that will truly go above and beyond to make sure the client’s vision is realized. We’ve been lucky to work with some great photographers, decorators, officiants, wedding planners and more at some of the most spectacular venues in Kitchener, Waterloo, Stratford and surrounding areas. The contributions of these individuals often goes unnoticed as they tirelessly work to make sure everything around your wedding is executed perfectly. We’ve seen the opposite of this, which can stem from a bride just not having enough or the right information to make the best decision. We’ve seen anything from an officiant calling a bride by a different name, to a limo failing to show up, even a venue failing to secure a liquor license. Those were just some misfortunes that we saw last year. Over the years we’ve seen a lot of different things and a wide variety and quality from self-described wedding professionals. However, those that are sincerely invested in your best interests continue to improve year-after-year.

Many of these wonderful vendors inspire us to work even harder and to continuously look for ways to improve ourselves. Even with years of experience we continue invest in training because we aspire to be better each time we go out. This means attending high quality training is a must for the team at Loops N Jamzz DJs. We also make significant investments yearly in equipment and we’ve seen a few DJs really upping their quality in this area over the last few years, which is a positive step forward for everyone. On the opposing side of this we’ve also seen a DJ refer to other DJs charging more than his rates as robbing brides only to have him cancel on many brides shortly before their wedding date. This happens occasionally because unfortunately sometimes it comes down the price which differs from value. Price holds a lot of allure, but you want to understand what you’re getting and if any sacrifices are being made.

We have a love for DJing weddings and just how much music can bring people together to celebrate. We’ve developed our skills, styles, even our reputation over the years in KW. We’ve also formed some great friendships with other local DJs that operate honestly, ethically and professionally in the area. Although sometimes we’re competing for business we still find time to hangout, share ideas or show one another the latest gear we’ve picked up. Some of the DJs in this group have amazing drive, ambition and a pure passion for what they do. For us these are extremely valued friendships that have helped further our growth. While not every DJ locally shares this perspective us. We believe this movement towards a higher standard benefits not only the DJ, but the brides receiving the service.

The relationships you have with your wedding vendors are frequently reflected in your wedding. A decorator that works closely with you will understand your tastes. An officiant that knows the couple will make you feel confrontable during the ceremony. A DJ that meets with you will play music that reflects your vision. If your wedding is the first time you’re meeting any of these individuals there’s a risk something will be missed. Professionals know just how important communication is especially when it comes to a wedding. The best way to get the most from the professional you’ve hired to be part of your day is to meet with them directly. We know just how effective this simple formula is. Weddings are a very personal experience for couples and at the very core is a strong relationship. So why trust someone you don’t know with the responsibility of your wedding.

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