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  • Ken Prentice, C.Tech

Do Brides Need To Care or Know?

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Years ago I was told brides don’t care about equipment by a more than one DJ. I found this blanket statement odd because everyone conveying this message to me used words like; state-of-the-art, top-quality, digital sound system, or something similar to describe their equipment. Their websites generally contained pictures of very high end club kits, but these images were mostly stock photos. So if this was of no concern to brides why did virtually all the marketing material by event or wedding DJs in Kitchener, Waterloo, Stratford and surrounding areas make so many references to their equipment? After all why would anyone put so much effort into something that really didn’t matter? By comparison, if the scenario was different such as, a limousine company promoting a state-of-the-art super stretch, but instead they send a four door 2011 Lincoln Town Car, would that be acceptable? So would state-of-the-art DJ equipment matter to brides if they knew the benefits and differences? I don’t know that answer, but I can tell brides what to look for with regards to state-of-the-art or high end DJ equipment.

DJ service might cliam to have the best equipment, but in reality they don't. The difference between transparent DJs in Kitchener-Waterloo and Stratford.

To start I’ll talk about the club kits shown in the images since these are commonly referenced. First with club kits look at the housing which will be metal, higher end DJ controllers will also share this attribute. The next clear distinction of a high end club kit will be the three main components, (three separate pieces). Club kits consist of two CDJs or XDJs and a mixer. Size is the next obvious factor to examine, they’re not small. The jog wheels are roughly 8 inches vs 5 inches or less on controllers. Fourth is something that stands out, they’ll also have display screens at the top that shows the track. Last, a professional clubs kits will have a mixer that is feature rich, this metal mixer will generally be in a 12 inch format. These are simple ways couples can tell if they’re looking at state-of-the-art club kit or not.

There are some real benefits with club kits, such as sound quality. The quality of the sound is particularly evident over large PA systems because they were designed to support playing on large scale vs. some equipment designs which were intended for playing at home or lite use. The premium technology utilized by club kits includes better pre-amps and this results in improved overall sound. The higher sampling rates plus an increased frequency range allows for a fuller sound in terms of pure harmonics. This means at the very minimum these systems will deliver a clearer sound. Instead of carrying on with technical details there’s something else you need to consider and that’s the fact that new or inexperienced DJs do not typically invest in this level of equipment. The reason why is high end club kits are roughly 10 to 20 times the price of a standard 2 channel DJ controller. A DJ has to be passionate and very serious about DJing to make this level of commitment. The same would apply to many turntablists since those flagship products also come at a premium.

Talking about equipment will always spark some debate and there will be some that disagree with value of equipment. However, if a DJ promotes state-of-the-art equipment as a selling feature either in print or through imagery then it’s a fair to provide an explanation for couples of what that entails. Club kits are by definition are the club standard and generally regarded as being the flagships for major DJ equipment manufacturers. The quality, reliability, flexibility, and performance features are representative of premium solutions. By themselves equipment will not make a bad DJ good, but they will enable a good DJ to be more creative and sound better. These kits inherently provide a higher sound quality, but also add levels of complexity. So how experienced the DJ is along with the training they have is pertinent. Experience, training and equipment are a good combination couples can use to help determine overall value for a DJ. We know that informed brides make better decisions, and this hopefully gives them a means to evaluate and determine the level of equipment.

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