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  • Ken Prentice, C.Tech

Why We Sincerely Love Working with Smart Brides

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

A few weeks ago American DJ that I’ve known for years wanted to know if brides ever asked us to match the price of another DJ service and if so how do I respond. I started by saying sometimes this does happen and cited some details from a recent request. To be honest I’m also skeptical when I hear these types of comparisons; it’s the same thing, but it’s lower priced. Over the years I’ve learned buy wrong buy twice, but weddings don’t work that way. We’ve seen more than a few DJ companies in KW that perpetuate this idea that sameness exists so they sell couples on a bargain price, never mentioning the newness of the DJ or their aging equipment. I’ve never seen the most talented and experienced people working for less, regardless of the career. The most talented and experienced people in any job are generally rewarded and part of that compensation is definitely monetary. This might be the underlying reason why we frequently end up working with educated and smart brides. These brides evaluate us not just on cost, but the value we bring and how we can contribute to achieving their vision.

The challenge has always been that people want to feel they’re getting good value and I think that’s important. So when I was told the rationale for the variance in price was due to less overhead, and that otherwise everything was the same I wanted to address some curious omissions. There were some discrepancies that I found with a little research and closer inspection. First was the lack of credible information available beyond what the DJ service provided themselves online. It just seemed odd that we would have 10x as many reviews as they do from customers given they claimed to have more experience. In fact it’s actually more than 10x since one of the reviews was loving written by an employee of the DJ service, although that detail was not mentioned in the review. Ethics and morals are certainly not universally shared and we would rather not be associated with these types of practices.

DJ reviews Kitchener Waterloo, Stratford, Cambridge, Guelph. Why reviews matter and couples should research DJs before booking.

While it’s not uncommon to find lots of similarities being professed by DJ services, occasionally I’m surprised by the extent of their claims, stated or implied. I easily found a couple of more red flags including the hours and price not reflecting the standard duration of wedding, however, more hours could be purchased at an additional cost. The references made to state-of-the-art equipment was like trying to convince me a flip-phone is equal to a new iPhone. I found nothing specific on training, but I can say we’ve attended two of the most recognized DJ Schools in the world. These were some of the differences that helped to further clarify why there was a variance in price. Furthermore, we know the majority of the experienced DJs in and around Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Stratford and none of these DJs are found at the lowest price or half price. These deals just don’t exist that we’ve seen so it's important to validate any claims being made if they seem to good to be true..

DJ companies and DJs themselves can be very different and that should be expected, after all, people are unique. Couples will want to do some research and not just be sold. If you can’t find reviews on a FB page that means the DJ or company has opted to disable that feature. I have great deal of confidence in the Loops N Jamzz team because we’re a group of DJs with real working experience that comes from doing hundreds of weddings and events. Our 5 star reviews over the years illustrate that couples value our dedication which only further validates our efforts. From the start meetings are always with your DJs and not someone trying to sell you. Instead we’re intent on listening and understanding your vision. It’s these details and more that have enabled us to be a part of so many awesome, not to mention successful, weddings and events. We’ve had DJs try to copy us, one even copied a blog and posted it as their own content. Unfortunately sometimes that’s just how it goes, but it takes more than just speaking or copying the words, you need to have a proven track record showing value. When it comes down to it smart brides know what’s real and what’s not.

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